New Unistrut Trapeze Now Available

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New Unistrut Trapeze Now Available

We now offer bespoke trapeze to meet your requirements

The Unistrut Trapeze Bracket is used as a support, and would be required within most commercial installs. The Unistrut Trapeze is traditionally used to support cable tray, cable ladder and wire basket tray. It is a simple, cost effective, efficient way of supporting these. 

There are many options available for these, which would be determined by the load that you wish to carry, and we are able to supply the Unistrut Trapeze to suit your needs. These would range from M6 rod with 41 x 21mm channel up to M16 rod with 41 x 162mm channel. These are fabricated in house and supplied as a kit, this will reduce labour costs, and also save on time and wastage.

We also supply a range of the common sizes pre-assembled, off the shelf.

As an example, a standard kit would consist of the following:

41 x 41mm Slotted Channel cut to 305mm length - To Support 225mm Cable Tray   x 2

P1020 M10 Square Plate Washers x 4

4-TRM10x500mm 500mmThreaded Rod x 2

M10 HEXNUT Hex Nuts x 4

PNL10ZP Channel Nuts x 2

PW1025 Penny Washers x 4

EC41 Plastic End Caps x 2 (Black or White)


The Unistrut Trapeze bracket is present in almost every commercial building worldwide. The Unistrut Trapeze bracket is used to support cable ladder, cable tray and various sizes in pipe.

If you would like any further information, or require pricing please contact our technical team for a free no obligation quote on 0121 706 7777 or or Click Here