Roofing Support Systems

Roofing Support Systems

Roofing Support Systems

Our range of Roofing Support Systems offer a comprehensive range of frameworks on flat roof and rooftops provide an affordable solution to building services support systems, flat roof support frames, independent supports 

for building services and associated accessories. The brand FLEXI support systems is manufactured by Pump House and delivers architects, engineers, consultants, building owners and 

contractors with a simplistic, cost effective and easy to install solution to other methods used.

Unistrut Prefabricated and Modular Systems by DP Building Systems

DP Building Systems are able to offer a wide range of expertise and services to supply custom solutions to suit the needs of any project

The complete bespoke solution from Unistrut and other suppliers such as Pump House

We understand the challenges that modern infrastructure projects create. It’s often the case that an off-the-shelf solution is unable to answer all of your needs and requirements – especially when there are specific location, timing, or environmental issues to consider. 

In these situations a bespoke solution can offer you the durability and flexibility you need to successfully deliver your project. 

Our prefabricated framing service specialises in solving complex framing issues. Our ability to assess, design, build and support bespoke framing systems has proven to be invaluable on a variety of major projects. 

Working with a wide range of industries 

Our products help to support the infrastructure that is vital to modern industry and commerce. The Unistrut product range can be seen in over 50 industry sectors where expertise and reliability are vital to success. 

Our team of framing experts design and deliver projects that keep industry functioning – from the petrochemical sector to transportation, from the oil and gas industry through to the latest developments in high-tech datacentres