Unistrut Cable Ladder

Unistrut Cable Ladder

Leading Suppliers of Unistrut Cable Ladder Systems

Our Unistrut Cable Ladder is built on innovated design to ensure the instalment is quick and simple and is designed for heavy duty loads.  Offer Unistrut products, we have a large selection of Unistrut Electrical and Mechanical Support Systems for the support of electrical cabling in buildings.  Our Unistrut Cable Ladder range is designed for industrial use with high load ratings, suitable for industrial plants, oil & gas, power stations, biomass plants, solar thermal.

An integral component in cable management, the Unistrut Cable Ladders available here at DP Building Systems have been industry favourites for those throughout the building and electrical trades for as long as we can remember.

Utilising a comprehensive system of slotted structures, our Unistrut U10 Cable Ladders, Unistrut U12 Cable Ladders and Unistrut U15 Cable Ladders provide a range of support options. 

Available in widths of 150mm to 900mm and lengths of 3m or 6m, our Unistrut Cable Ladders ensure an excellent level of support can be given without the need for drilling so you can save time, money and maximise the quality of finish. Other widths are also available and are made to order, whilst the standard finish for all cable trays is hot dip galvanised.

In addition to providing our Unistrut U10 Cable Ladders, Unistrut U12 Cable Ladders and Unistrut U15 Cable Ladders, we are also renowned for our bespoke cutting services, which are available on-site at both our London and Birmingham branches. Whether you are looking for a specific length of stainless steel Unistrut Cable Ladder or would like a Unistrut Channel or Unistrut Cable Tray cut to size, we can assist.