The HS2 Project

DP Building Systems has partnered with Cable Management, Cable Containment, Raceway and Fixing & Fasteners partners that specialise in offering products, solutions and services to the rail industry.

We are a Premier Distributor of Unistrut, Marco, Flexicon, Pemsa, Walraven, Oglaend, Lindapter, Legrand and Halfen with over £400,000 of stock in Birmingham.

DP Building Systems were selected by a number of contractors to distributor our suppliers for Crossrail and other rail products around the Country.

Whether you are purchasing for a major rail project or buying a selection of products and components for a simple install - we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to identify the correct solution, and deliver the products on time for your rail and infrastructure requirements and backed by our Premier Distribution status by our suppliers.

Our dedicated technical team are available to offer free support, from drawing to installation on all our suppliers.