The High Speed 2 - HS2 Project

DP Building Systems has partnered with Cable Management, Cable Containment, Raceway and Fixing & Fasteners partners that specialise in offering products, solutions and services to the rail industry.

We are a Premier Distributor of Atkore Unistrut, Marco, Flexicon, Pemsa, Walraven, Oglaend, Lindapter, Legrand and Halfen with over £8500,000 of stock in Birmingham.

DP Building Systems were selected by a number of contractors to distributor our suppliers for Crossrail and other rail products around the Country.

Whether you are purchasing for a major rail project or buying a selection of products and components for a simple install - we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to identify the correct solution, and deliver the products on time for your rail and infrastructure requirements and backed by our Premier Distribution status by our suppliers.

The suppliers we distribute hold accreditations from rail industry bodies including Transport for London - London Underground (LUL) and Crossrail

Our dedicated technical team are available to offer free support, from drawing to installation on all our suppliers.

Suppliers Rail Case Studies.

We have collated the rail case studies from our suppliers to help understand the experience, solutions and knowledge across the rail industry.


Lindapter Has A Wide Range Of Fixings For The Rail Industry - Click Here

Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Depots - Click Here

Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Rail Bridges - Click Here

Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Electrification - Click Here

Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Railway Station Fittings - Click Here

Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Railway Station Bridges - Click Here

Lindapter Rail Fixings - Click Here

Lindapter Case Study - Birmingham New Street - Click Here

Lindapter Rail Bridges Solutions - Click Here

Lindapter Station Fittings Solutions - Click Here

Lindapter In Railway Station Buildings - Temporary and Permanent Applications - Click Here

Lindapter Solutions for Rail - Click Here

Harringay Station Platform with Lindapter - Click Here

Leviat Halfen 

Halfen Rail Industry Solutions - Click Here

Atkore Marco

Marco Cable Management Approved On London Underground - Click Here

Atkore Unistrut

Rail Industry Partnership Click Here

Atkore Unistrut and DP Building Systems services the London Underground with their approved solutions - Click Here

Atkore Unistrut Rail Solutions - Click Here

Striking images reveal progress of Crossrail engineering work, with 18 months to go until opening Click Here

Atkore Flexicon

Cable protection at Farringdon Station - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon have the most LUL approved products of any Flexible Conduit Manufacturer - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon Installation Track Record - Rail Specialist - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon all round Teeth provide anti vibration performance - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon Rail - Mechanical Protection Considerations - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon performance - tested beyond the Standard - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon Rail Infrastructure - Signalling Power Distribution Systems - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon Cable Protection Systems for UK Rail Infrastructure - Click Here

Atkore Flexicon Releases New ‘Cable Protection Systems for Rail’ Brochure - Click Here


Walraven RCC Clip for the Rail Industry - Click Here

Walraven - On The Fast Track - Click Here

Walraven London Underground Approved - Click Here

Walraven LUL Approved Products - Click Here 

Technical Approval

Fischer Fixings hold London Underground (LUL) approval on their range of Fixings and Fasteners.

Fischer London Underground (LUL) Current Approved List - Click Here

Fischer Ultracut FBS II London Underground (LU) Product Registration Approval Certificate - Click Here