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Zip-Clip are manufacturers and designers of high-spec suspension systems for all your HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical & Signage requirements

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Discover how Zip-Clip and specifically the Y-It product was used extensively for cable management in the 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre, London. 

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with a safe working load of 20KG and available with a choice of end fixing.

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Introducing Con-Lok by Zip Clip...


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TRY-LOCK system makes installation a SNAP with its twin carabiner system, installing Basket Tray, Lighting and HVAC is easy, and more importantly, time effective!

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Zip-Clip Supplier

Zip-Clip are a manufacturer andinnovator of high specification suspension systems for all your HVAC,Electrical, Signage and Seismic requirements offering a total suspensionsolution. Zip-Clip has created a“Professional Choice” range of suspension systems all of high specification.You can easily spot this range of products throughout the Zip-Clip cataloguethanks to the Professional Choice symbol.

Specialist Applications

Zip-Clip Ltd is renowned for itsunique problem solving solutions. Over the past decade we have designed anddeveloped a range of systems tailored to overcome troublesome applications. BothDP Building Systems and Zip-Clip have highly trained technical team andextensive knowledge of the fixings market we can confidently design a solutionfor your requirements.

Internally Cladded Buildings

With the increasing number ofinternally cladded buildings being specified, finding a suitable anchor pointis not always possible. Zip-Clip designed a solution for the Pirelli TyreDistribution Centre in Burton-on-Trent by utilising a unique self tappinganchor which did not affect the integrity of the cladding.

Zip-Clip is able to providespecial products, for many applications. Among others:

• Seismic areas

• Christmas decorations

• Acoustic supports

• Pest control

• Museum Installations

• Exhibition Displays

• Retail Displays

• Stainless Solutions

• And many more...

Each drawing is tailored forspecific needs. A unique number is attributed to each drawing, allowing ease ofre-ordering and product continuity.

Specialist Support Brackets

Zip-Clip have developed a numberof specialist brackets to enable the installer to suspend both HVAC and M &E services as quickly as possible. Zip-Clip designed these systems to not onlyspeed up installations but to reduce the need for assembly on site. Thesesupport brackets can also be used in conjunction with modular designed systems.

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