Basket Tray Wire Cable

Basket Tray Wire Cable

Marco, Pemsa and Legrand Cablofil Wire Cable Basket Tray Suppliers

Wire Cable Basket Tray and Mesh Wire Basket used extensively for supporting cables, particularly Data Cables, and is an alternative to Cable Tray.  Cable Basket Tray is a strong yet flexible solution to meet the demands of the power, data and systems cabling being installed in modern buildings.

We offer a number of suppliers Wire Cable Basket Tray and Mesh Wire Basket Tray including Marco, Pemsa and Legrand.  We offer light, heavy and extra heavy products to meet the system load requirements.  Bends and risers are not needed so through the use of simple cut-out patterns, the straights can be transformed in to a wide number of bends and rises meeting the angles and distance you require, using a range of ‘slot and tab’ fixings.  Open design allows maximum ventilation to enable cooler running of cables. Tested and Certificated E90 Fire Resistance.

Marco Cable Management is the largest manufacturer of steel wire cable tray in the UK, and has a broad range of products and accessories to house any kind of cabling network in a number of installation environments.

March is available in electro-zinc, pre-galvanised, powder-coated and hot-dip galvanised, Marco’s steel wire cable tray is offered in three standard depths, 30mm, 55mm and 106mm, complemented by a wide range of accessories and fittings to join and support the tray.
In comparison to conventional cable tray, Marco’s steel wire cable tray is light in weight, enabling easier on-site fabrication and modifications to be made

Pemsa Cable Basket Tray features a Bycro (bichromed) coating that gives it a distinctive gold coloured appearance and class 4 corrosion resistance compared to pre-galvanised class 2. Pemsa Cable Basket Tray os  also compliant with current RoHS legislation and RAEE directives. Pemsa Cable Basket Tray has a number of advantages over traditional cable tray.  Pemsa Cable Basket Tray is lighter in weight, using 30% less material, so is easier for installers to carry and puts less stress on the support points.

Legrand Cablofil Cable Basket Tray has been tried and tested in installations of all sizes, from light duty requirements in small commercial buildings through to extra heavy duty installations in refineries and heavy industry applications such as shipbuilding. Legrand Cablofil Cable Basket Tray is supplied in straight lengths from which sophisticated installations can be created without the need for additional fittings.