Unistrut Channel Powder Coating

Unistrut Channel Powder Coating

As part of our expanding services available at DP Building Systems we now offer a facility to powder coat all Unistrut Channel before dispatch. Simply complete the contact form with your requirements and our technical team will contact you - click here.

The reason that we have introduced this service is that it is now required more and more on certain job. Whether it be for cosmetic reasons or for the extra protection, many jobs now specify that the Unistrut Channel must be powder coated.

  • We can offer a range of colours from the RAL chart to suit your specific needs
  • Our specialist powder coating experts can offer a quick turn round as a standard and majority of our customer’s powder spray coating completed within 24-48 hours of receipt
  • The powder coating is better than regular liquid based painting because it can produce a thicker layer, it is cost efficient and also it is less hazardous than regular painting services
  • Our partner uses a rigorous and accurate quality control testing procedure and undertake a number of tests before any work is processed. These include cross hatch, cross cut, cure test, adhesion tests and also dry film testing.

Simply complete the contact form with your requirements and our technical team will contact you - click here.

Testing Facilities

Our partners provide a fully manual quality testing procedure as this is more reliable than machine-based testing. This has been designed to complement the powder coating process by testing the thickness and adhesion of the powder to the finished product. This is to ensure that the powder coating process has been completed successfully in accordance with our strict quality procedure. The powder coating plant accepts items up to 4000 mm long by 12000mm heights by 700mm deep, however, bigger sizes could be accommodated. This plant has a seven stage pre-treatment system. The main powder coating plant accepts items up to 7000mm long x 3000 height x 1000mm deep. Additionally, in exceptional cases, it will accommodate items up to 12000mm long where the track can be converted into a box oven. This plant has an online pre-treatment system. The six stage pre-treatment process consists of the following:

  1.  Combined degreasing for all materials It is very important to prepare the metal object for further procedures by removing any dirt, oil, welding scales and more. Decreasing is the first part of pre-treatment system before powder coating application
  2. Cold running water rinse Cold water rinsing is used to stop chemical reactions in later stages
  3. Further cold running water rinse
  4. Degrease and etch de-rust for aluminium and galvanised steel Special degreasing is used for aluminium and galvanised steel including removal of rust
  5. Cold running water rinse
  6. Pre-seal treatment This treatment is used to provide corrosion resistance and ensures longevity of powder coating. The metals most frequently supplied by our customers for powder coating include:
  • Mild steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Wrought iron
  • Zinc plated metals
  • Aluminium
A zinc rich primer coating is also offered for additional protection.


The powder coating finishing processes are subject to strict environmental control. It has purpose built machinery which uses up-to-date technology to limit particulate and chemical emissions to both air and water. In addition, we have eliminated the use of trichloroethylene in the treatment processes as we believe in not only protecting the environment but our workforce too.  All our plants meet highest equipment and safety requirements.

Simply contact our Unistrut Technical Team on 0121 706 7777 or unistrut@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk with your requirements. We aim to return a quote and lead time to you within 2 hours of receipt of your enquiry.