GRP Channel

GRP Channel

GRP Channel are specifically designed for harsh or corrosive environments and are suitable for any structural project.

GRP Channel is available in various sizes, lengths, colours and resins depending upon the application. All of our fiberglass channels are made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin with a polyester surface veil. This combination gives excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability at an economic cost. GRP Profiles in other resin systems are available to order.

The standard BS EN 13706 Specification for pultruded profiles defines two grades of structural profiles.

All Captrad's structural profiles with a wall thickness of over 5mm thick meet the higher performance E23 grade while those at 3-5mm wall meets the E17 grade Engineered Composites stocks a wide range of GRP profiles.

GRP Channel provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability and is a cost effective, alternative to steel, aluminium and timber. GRP Channel is suitable for walkways, platforms, ladders and handrails. Being lightweight, GRP Channel is easy to install and does not require heavy lifting equipment.

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DP Building Systems partner with three suppliers that can offer GRP Channel from their GRP Cable Management Solutions, due to being specialists range please can you contact our Technical Team on or complete our contact form - click here.