Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray

Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray

Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray Systems

Whatever your role within the building trade, getting the support you need to achieve the highest possible standards for both public and private sector clients is important. The electrics of a building are just as important as its external fabric, and ensuring that all wiring is correctly organised, easy to access and fully supported is vital. Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray is integral to achieving this objective, and whether you wish to purchase a straight cable tray or stainless cable tray, these structures provide support to insulated electric cables, including those used for power distribution and communication.

Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray systems are often used to support electric power and communication cables that are used for power distribution and communication. Unlike conduit systems, which require pulling wires and cables through a pipe, Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray systems make it easy to run new lines. The new cables are installed by laying them on a flat, open surface. This functionality makes Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray systems ideal for data centers or applications where cables and wires need frequent replacement or re-routing.

We offer Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray is Pre-Galvanised (PG) and Hot-Dipped Galvanised (HDG) which ships in 3 meter lengths

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Generally speaking, it is easy to identify applications where Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray is a viable solution.  We recommend Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray material on a regular basis.  

By explaining the required product's intended use, including length, width, height, and load data to our technical advisors, we can accurately quote a solution for your Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray system.  One of the advantages of fabricating Atkore  Unistrut Cable Tray support structures is that we can easily achieve custom dimensions.  Our team can also cut material to custom lengths.

The complete range of Atkore Unistrut cable Tray for use in Light, Medium, Heavy & Extra Heavy duty applications. Available in a variety of sizes the Atkore Unistrut system provides the ultimate in flexibility, quality and speed in cable management. Ideal for all you cable applications from low power control & signalling to mains power supply cabling. With a complete range of fixings and accessories including bends and risers.

Light Duty Available in 3m lengths with depths of 12mm (50mm wide to 225mm wide) and 18mm (300mm to 900mm wide), in [PG] Pre-galvanised, [HG] hot-dip galvanised and [SS] stainless steel finishes

Medium Duty Available in 3m lengths with a depth of 25mm and widths from 50 to 900mm, in [PG] Pre-Galvanised, [HG] hot-Dip Galvanised and [SS] Stainless steel finishes

Heavy Duty Available in 3m lengths with a depth of 50mm and widths from 75 to 900mm, in [PG] Pre-Galvanised, [HG] Hot-Dip Galvanised and [SS] stainless steel

Extra Heavy Duty* Available in 3m lengths with a depth of 50mm and in 75 & 100mm widths. Finish applications include [PG] Pre Galvanised, [HG] Hot-Dip Galvanised and [SS} stainless Steel

All material is European standard
• Available in UK standard slot pattern
• Available in multiple finishes for a wide range of jobs, including Galvanised
and Stainless Steel. • An extensive range of dedicated accessories, bracketry and support systems.

Atkore Unistrut have increased the already extensive product portfolio, with a variety of Unistrut Cable Containment Solutions and advanced Metal Framing Systems.

DP Building Systems has a wide range of products to support your every cabling need, including Atkore Unistrut Channel and Atkore Unistrut Cable Tray.  If you’re looking to run your cable under a raised floor we even have Marco Wire Basket Tray and Legrand Wire Basket Tray.