DfMA Solutions

DfMA Solutions
DP Building Systems team are experienced in providing full MEP building services from each stage of your project; design concept to installation, supported by consultancy through the process, and supported with any required mainteance within the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and public health (MEP)

Our team will drive efficiency and value on site by offering specialist contracting capability that drives value and efficiency on one of the largest construction packages on site, they will advise on appropriate sustainable MEP systems for a new building or a building refit whether for commercial or residential use, shop, hotel or office space across a number of different verticals and industries. 

As a specialist distributor or cable management systems and fasteners, our MEP Services will be focused on these solutions; but with our industry knowledge and experience we will be able consult on additional MEP Services outside of cable management systems and fasteners.

One of the areas of speciality is DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly), a way of designing and constructing a quality building more quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Our DfMA approach approach means that all elements needed within your MEP requirement; cable managment, channel, brakcets, rod... are created in manufacturing environment rather than on site, and to more standard designs and specifications.

Our in-house technical team can work with you on finding the right bespoke solution for your requirement, utilising the products and solutions from our wide range of suppliers.

The solutions we can offer range from trapeze frames, bespoke modular units delivered complete & ready to install to fully populated DfMA modules with mechanical and electrical services installed.

Working with clients to ensure each solution is supplied in line with project timetables, we are able to offer a series support services including DfMA solutions, which can increase the quality compared to conventional methods through repeatability in production and quality control methods.

Our DfMA solutions biggest advantage is the reduction in installation time against program, significant reduction in programme time required meets the rigorous demands of modern project timelines due to the combining off-site manufacture with on-site assembly.
Quality assurance is integral to the manufacture of each module, with each being thoroughly checked prior to delivery, ensuring each unit is fully compliant with relevant standards and specifications