Unistrut Channel Pre-Galvanized

Unistrut Channel Pre-Galvanized

Pre-Galvanised Unistrut Channel 

Pre-Galvanised Unistrut Channel is for internal use only.

Unistrut Channel is Pre-Galvanized (PG) to Z275- BS EN 10346 1.0244 standards.

Supplied with a zinc coating to a nominal coat of 20μm. All single Unistrut members are accurately and carefully rolled from mild steel. All multiple members are two or more single Unistrut members spot welded on.

The Unistrut Channel Metal Framing System incorporates a wide range of channel nuts and hardware (including: spring nuts, stud nuts, flat washers, square washers, lock washers, hex head cap screws, and more) meant to make fastening channel and fittings together as easy and as quick as possible