Rejiband® Cable Management System in Data Centres

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Pemsa Rejiband® wire mesh basket tray features make it one of the most installed systems on current projects for Data Centres, and an IT Data Facilities and Infrastructure.

The open structure of Rejiband® allows perfect visibility of the cable throughout its length, facilitating maintenance organization, improving ventilation and the overall efficiency of the facility

The strength and flexibility of Rejiband® allows maximum use of capacity and a better adaptation to the installation path, facilitating subsequent changes or amendments. 

In the case of fire, Rejiband® does not present any risk since it is non-combustible. It causes no toxic fumes, does not propagate the fire and is capable of maintaining its load capacity at 1000°C, unlike PVC systems which can destroy the facility and cause a  risk of generating aggravating smoke. 

Data Centre Installation: "Zinc Whiskers" 

In facilities, hosting microelectronic devices that are especially sensitive to impurities, the use of electrolytic zinc finish tiles, floor tiles and other technical accessories have been dispensed of due to the possible formation of "zinc whiskers" and their effects and influences on the microelectronics. 

These "zinc whiskers", or microscopic filaments of zinc, would be formed from the electrolytic zinc protective finish covering the large surface of the tile due to intergranular stress generated in the material surface of this finish. With a hot dip galvanized finish, the surface layers have a completely different metallurgical composition, therefore there would be no such tensions. 

With the passage of time these filaments of zinc could eventually break off and move into the environmental atmosphere. Because of their microscopic size and electrical conductivity they can cause an effect within circuit boards and microelectronic equipment. 

From this fact there is no adequate technical justification that there should be a generalized exclusion in these rooms of all items or accessories with any galvanized protection such as electroplated or galvanized trays. Rejiband® wire mesh trays, with BYCRO Coating or a hot dip galvanised finish, have a much lower surface area and therefore there is an absence of the stresses, like those generated in the face of the tiles which are depressed continually, and therefore does not contribute to these effects on the electronic equipment or communications within the Data Processing Centre.  

In any case, when considering a risk of the possible formation of these filaments, Rejiband® tray with other finishes can always be used, such as stainless steel, which is already used within the food industry where the strictest hygiene requirements are demanded at its facilities.

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