Unistrut Stainless Steel Plated Pipe Clamps 18.3-20.6MM (SS-M1114)

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Unistrut Stainless Steel Plated Pipe Clamps 18.3-20.6MM (SS-M1114)

A two piece pipe clamp that clamps directly to Unistrut.

Unistrut can support a vast range of pipe applications, from small bore heating pipes to large industrial water supply pipes. The WOPF brand is widely known throughout Europe for producing high quality products .

* Pipe clips come in lined and unlined varieties * Sprinkler hangers & pipe clamps. * Slide guides are used to allow for pipe movement. . Unistrut's Zinc Coating offers two types of protection. 1) Barrier, The zinc coating protects the steel substrate from direct contact with the environment. 2) Sacrificial, the zinc coating will protect scratches, cut edges, etc. through an anodic sacrifical process.

Unistrut's are renowned for offering quality products and services throughout the electrical & mechanical industry . Unistrut's comprehensive range of cable management products consists of Cable Tray, Cable Ladder & Cable Basket, Channel, Brackets, Clamps and Channel Accessories

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