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ProPricing - We can support with better pricing on your projects.

At DP Building Systems we can help you with your cable management and raceway projects with free project support, not just with technical expertise but better pricing. We have introduced ‘’ProPricing’’ which is Project Pricing and designed to help you receive better pricing on projects you are working on. Through our close relationship and partnerships with all our vendors, we have the ability to obtain lower and better pricing for you. Simply complete the below form and our technical sales team will contact you discuss your project and pricing or contact us on 0121 706 7777 and to register your project.

We also now offer a design and installation service, which our technical team can offer information on

Why partner with us on projects

  • Ability to secure you better pricing
  • In-house technical team that can help with ensuring you purchase the right products and solution for your requirements
  • External technical team that can visit you to understand you project, your requirements and your objectivise.
  • In-house team to provide Bill of Material and technical kit list
  • Ability to have joint visits to your site with the vendor or manufacturer
  • ‘’Supply and Erect’’ team to help with all aspects of the project
  • In-house cutting facilities for channel, cable tray and rod – so if you have a non-standard specification, we have the ability to meet it
  • Powder Coating facilities
  • In-house project managers, to Phased shipment
  • Next day delivery
Products and solutions we can offer supported price on
  • Complete Cable Management and Cable Containment
  • Channel and Strut
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable Basket
  • Cable Ladder
  • Trunking
  • Cantilever Arms
  • Trunking
  • Fixings and Fasteners