Metal Cable Trunking is an integral part of any cable management system, without this essential component cables will be left exposed putting the professionals providing maintenance in the future and your customers at risk. As a leading supplier of single compartment trunking and twin compartment trunking, here at DP Building Systems, we certainly know a thing or two about the importance of cable protection and thanks to a range of cable trunking systems available you can harness the advantages of a flexible and reliable support solution.

As well as providing single compartment trunking and twin compartment trunking, we also provide end stops, end caps, outlet flanges, stirrup hangers, spare trunking, speedlocks, separators, overhead hook hangers, standoff brackets, internal flat 90 degree bends, 45 degree internal bends and 45 degree external bends. In addition to this, we also deliver trunking made specifically for lighting cables and three compartment cable trunking so more complex cable systems can be fully protected and catered for.

Whether you are looking for just one trunking component or a complete system, we only stock products from the very best manufacturers, such as Trench and Unistrut, so that you can harness quality and cost effectiveness in the same breath. All of the products we stock here at DP Building Systems, including our single compartment trunking and twin compartment trunking, are available at highly discounted rates whilst bespoke cutting facilities are also accessible at our North London and Birmingham sites so channels, trays, trunking and rods can be cut to the lengths you require.

With more than 17 years of experience serving the building services industry, we work to understand your organisation’s support requirements so you can discover the best cable management systems around.

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Pump House flexi-HOP-OVER - 1000mm (F-HO-1000)..



Pump House flexi-HOP-OVER - 600mm (F-HO-600)..



Pump House flexi-STEP-OVER 2 Up / 2 Down (F-SO-2)..



Pump House flexi-STEP-OVER 3 up / 3 down (F-SO-3)..



Pump House flexi-STEP-OVER 4 Up / 4 Down (F-SO-4)..

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