Up to 15% off everything in January

We are offering great saving through January, offering up to 15% off all our products.

DP Building Systems offer a full portfolio of Cable Management Solution which includes, Channel, Channel Accessories, Cantilever Arms, Cable Tray, Basket Tray, Cable Ladder, Trunking, Fixing and Fasteners.

Our Core Suppliers

Our Solutions Include

Channel Cabling
Cable Tray Data Centre & Server Solutions
Cable Ladder KVM Solutions
Wire Basket Tray Enterprise Cabling
Metal Trunking Network Cabling
Cabinets & Racking Raised Floor Solution
Power Management Fixings & Fasterners

Why Choose DP Building Systems?

  • Exclusive offers form all our suppliers
  • Warehouse in Birmingham and London, collection available from both
  • Cutting facilities for Channel, Tray and Rod
  • Next day delivery shipment throughout the UK, with late cut off
  • In-house free technical team to help with technical drawings and load data requirements
  • External technical team available to visit site to offer further support
  • No minimum order charge
  • Genuine Unistrut
Compatible Unistrut is not Unistrut

Are you purchasing a product that doesn’t conform to the British Standard? Do you realise that your own business could be liable if this product fails? What is the true cost of ownership?

Are you buying Compatible Unistrut believing it is actually Unistrut?

There are a large number of construction and building materials suppliers who will very openly offer 'Compatible Products', such as Unistrut Compatible. What this means is that the 'Unistrut Compatible' product will fit together with other official Unistrut products such as channel and cable tray. Nearly always 'Unistrut Compatible' products are cheaper than their official Unistrut counterparts, this is for a very good reason, the products haven't been through the same stringent quality monitoring process all Unistrut products are subject to and as a result are of a much lower quality.

If you require any help, please contact our Technical Service Team free on 0121 706 7777 or technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk