Power Poles and Distribution

Power Poles and Distribution

Our comprehensive range of Power Management, Power Poles and Distribution range offers power management, power control, power distribution and power back up. Within the ranges, the solutions include Power Device Units (PDU), busbars, powertrack, desk modules, underfloor power and lighting control.

The suppliers such as Legrand and Server Technology we offer are proven market leaders offering solutions to cater for the increasing demands of today’s infrastructure

Power Distribution Unit, also known as PDU are device(s) fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within an infrastructure, Data Centre. 

There are many PDU options, including bespoke ‘’design your own’’, and vary from simple and inexpensive rack-mounted power strips to larger floor-mounted PDUs with multiple functions including power filtering to improve power quality, intelligent load balancing, and remote monitoring and control by LAN or SNMP. This kind of PDU placement offers intelligent capabilities such as power metering at the inlet, outlet, and PDU branch circuit level and support for environment sensors

The Zucchini range of prefabricated busbars is one of the most comprehensive on the market, ranging from 25 A lighting through to 6300 A high power systems. Zucchini busbar is widely used for power distribution in both industrial and commercial applications

Our Power Poles are designed by Marco, Marco’s double-sided power pole stands at 3.6M and is available in both satin anodised aluminium and white powder coated aluminium finishes. 

Poles are supplied with a pure white uPVC lid, 6 35mm 1-gang socket boxes, ceiling shroud and floor boot, the system benefits from a strong aluminium profile, retaining its rigidity in all installation environments.

A 1-metre power pole extension kit is available, and Marco can supply poles in heights up to 5M from stock.

Marco power poles can also accept Marco’s contrasting centre lid and coloured socket plates to reach DDA compliance if required