Lindapter Steelwork Connections

Lindapter® SteelworkConnections for Channel and Cable Tray


Lindapter,the pioneer in the design and manufacture of steelwork fixings, has a widerange of clamping systems, composite decking fixings and Hollo-Bolts, which simplifythe process of connecting almost everything from secondary steelwork, servicesupport brackets, cable trays and metal framing systems back to the supportingstructure.

Lindapter’sunique connection concept is a faster alternative to conventional methods suchas drilling & bolting or welding steel and offers contractors a solution toreduce construction time and associated labour costs.           

Lindapter’seasy-to-install components and assemblies are often used to secure channel frames(e.g. Unistrut®) and cable tray systems to structural beams in eitherhorizontal or vertical arrangements. With a capacity to withstand high loads,these heavy duty clamps are also available in HDG making them suitable for usein harsh environments such as offshore. Lindapter’s adjustable steelwork clampsallow contractors to quickly adapt the position of channel frames and align multiplecable management systems with ease.


Benefits include:

•           No on-site drilling or weldingrequired

•           Highly adjustable connections forprecise alignment

•           Easy to install with just hand tools

•           Technical support includes freeconnection design

•           Product approvals & over 80years’ project experience


Typical applications:

Theversatile clamps can be used in countless configurations to suit differentapplications, ranging from heavy duty connections for multi-tier rackingsystems, to light duty cable tray and bracketry.


Whethersuspending a cable management system in a data centre or securing buildingservices along the length of a bridge, Lindapter has a proven accreditedsolution for connecting channel frames to…


•           Structural beams    

•           Secondary steel sections

•           Structural hollow section

•           Composite metal decking


Lindapter’s freeconnection design service

Savetime by using Lindapter steelwork clamps on your next project, simply emailyour connection requirement details to and we will organise for Lindapter’steam of experienced Engineers to contact you to


Now available from DPBuilding Systems 

DPBuilding Systems are an approved Lindapter distributor and are delighted tooffer a wide range of products for use in supporting building services and in avariety of OEM applications. Lindapter’s steelwork clamps, composite deckingfixings and building services connections are available from your trustedsupplier of quality construction products: DP Building Systems.