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Have you discovered Framo from Sikla - the alternative rooftop support system unofficially known as 'Big Boy's Meccano'?


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Silka offer modular steelworksolutions.

Over nearly five decades Siklahas, pro-actively and gradually, shaped the way pipework is installed. Steelbrackets used to be bent, welded, drilled and painted. On site, at a workbenchwith a vice and from raw material. It’s been a long way to our today’s modularsteelwork system but, the old tradition still exists. Our job is not done yet,inefficient services installation still rules many construction sites.

Sikla” stands for the link betweenM+E systems and building structure

Sikla Products Range


Modular Steelwork with RobustStructural Performance

Framo is a non-welded steelworksupport system for the modular construction of frames and structures. Framoallows multidirectional connection possibilities without the need forthrough-bolts and back-plates. The box section profi les have a high torsionalresistance and a fine adjustment capability for connecting members

  • One System, Faster, Better, Safer
  • Non-welded modular steelwork
  • Higher performance / lower weightof steel
  • Maximum exibility, minimum installation time
  • Frame and module assembly modifi cations can bemade quickly on site with no loss oftime, cut-outs or re-works
  • Parts are reusable after disassembly
  • One thread forming screw for all component connections
  • Compatible with otherinstallation systems
  • High corrosion resistance as standard
  • C5 coatings available on request


Adjustable pipe shoes, instantlyavailable

Like their steel-framing-systems,our adjustable pipe shoes under the brand name “Simotec”, follow the principlesof modular product design. The combination of base plate, adjustable web andpipe clamps forms a range of pipe shoes for up to 600NB diameter. Modular componentsallow for an “upgrade” of any individual pipe shoe to become a “guide” or a“fixed point” both, by attaching to existing traditional steel or by adaptingto our Sikla-specific steel sections.

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