Pump House have been supplying solutions into the HVAC since 2001, specialising in condensate pumps, renewals which include building services support systems and accessories.

Condensate removal pumps and supporting accessories for the air conditioning, refrigeration, heating & renewable and boiler markets.

Pump House is a leading supplier of ancillary products to all HVAC and refrigeration markets with a range of over 2200 products which are defined by market sector. Our products are available via most major and independent wholesalers / merchants across the specified market sectors

The core Pump House product DP Building Systems provides are their range of Flexi Support Systems and frameworks.

Their comprehensive range of frameworks on flat roof and rooftops provide an affordable solution to building services support systems, flat roof support frames, independent supports for building services and associated accessories. The brand FLEXI support systems is manufactured by Pump House and delivers architects, engineers, consultants, building owners and contractors with a simplistic, cost effective and easy to install solution to other methods used.

Due to the robust nature of our Flexi Base & Extender Frame System, these lightweight solutions have a primary benefit for the installer and facilities manager, in the freedom to re-position the frameworks at the last minute should the on-site project team make late changes.

They ensure best working practices are at hand by eliminating cold bridging issues and awkward waterproofing which can been seen with conventional concrete and steelwork installations. Our sustainable long life solutions are designed with environmental considerations in mind and are all fully recyclable.

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