The Role of Energy Management in Your Data Center or IT Lab

Raritan is a proven innovator of power management solutions, DCIM software, and KVM-over-IP for data centres of all sizes. Raritan's award-winning hardware and software solutions increase energy efficiency, improve reliability, and raise productivity.

Raritan is about innovation.

Raritan began developing KVM switches for IT professionals to manage servers remotely in 1985. Today, as a brand of Legrand, we are a leading provider of intelligent rack PDUs. Our PDUs and other intelligent power and energy monitoring products are transforming how companies manage their data center power chains. Our solutions increase the reliability and intelligence of data centers in 9 of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies.

Raritan Products

Power Distribution (PDUs Metered & Switched)

Raritan Knows Power

They took twenty-five years of embedded computing expertise and re-invented the rack power distribution unit. See why the world’s largest data centers trust Raritan to power their mission critical equipment
Raritan's data center power products include: rack power distribution units (PDUs), inline meters, transfer switches, and branch circuit monitoring systems. Our products place an emphasis on reliable power distribution, power metering, and remote management. They help you to better manage existing power capacity and save energy. And, they offer support for environmental.
DCIM Software

DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software gives data centers the ability to monitor power and environmental conditions at the rack, row, and facility level. It helps data centers to mitigate the risk of downtime by offering real-time alerts. And to conserve energy by allowing data centers to charge back for true energy costs and pursue energy efficiency initiatives.

KVM and Rackmount Console Draw

Raritan Knows KVM

Raritan is a proven technology innovator with a 20+ year history of KVM, serial and remote access solutions. Our five generations of products are in operation in 50,000 locations worldwide. Leverage our technology, expertise and support for your KVM and remote access needs
Integrated, 1U console drawers that manage servers in data centers, server rooms and other space critical environments directly from the racks in which they are installed
Manage From Afar With BIOS-Level Access
Never set foot in the data center again with Secure, BIOS-level, remote access to PCs and servers. Reboot and Re-image a machine and monitor and troubleshoot the entire boot sequence remotely
KVM Switches

Raritan’s remote access products include: High performance KVM-over-IP, standard KVM-over-IP, KVM/serial console server, single port IP KVM, centralized server management, and Cat5 analog desktop or rackmount KVM. Our remote access solutions place an emphasis on performance, security, and reliability. Whether you’re in a server room, test lab, data center, or simply working remote, there’s a solution engineered to meet your needs.
Video-over-IP Networked Solutions

Raritan Audio Visual Solutions is where AV, IP, and IT meet. Raritan has been providing award-winning IP KVM, serial and remote access solutions for over three decades, and has five generations of products in operation at over 50,000 locations in 76 countries. Leverage our industry-leading KVM, video and IP technology and expertise for your all of your AV needs.

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