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Flexicon has launched an extended range of divisible corrugated conduits, which can be easily retrofitted to protect vulnerable or existing cabling that may be subject to mechanical damage.

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Their popular FPADS range of double-slit corrugated conduit now comes in a handy convenience pack for electrical contractors

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Simple classifications of performance from Flexicon

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We have some exciting news to tell you regarding the brands owned by Atkore International, which notably include Unistrut, Marco, Vergokan, and Flexicon. 

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Understand the benefits of using Flexicon flexible conduit

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Flexicon is a market leading UK manufacturer of Flexible Conduit Products and Solutions. With over 60 different Systems to choose from, available in either metallic or non-metallic, they are the global Specialists when it comes to Cable Protection and Flexible Conduit. 

Designing and manufacturing Cable Management products in the UK for a wide range of markets including the Construction Industry, Rail, Hazardous, Marine, Defence, Machinery & OEM’s to name but a few. 

Below are details of Flexicon application for different industries and verticals.

Solutions for Rail

Flexicon offer an expanding range of products for this demanding sector. Requiring protection of critical systems this sector demands reliability within the severest of environments

Applications include

• Infrastructure - Tunnels and stations

• Signalling

• Telecoms

• Passenger Information

• Systems

• Points Machines

• Lighting

• OEM solutions for rolling stock

• Rail Carriage construction (interior / exterior / inter carriage connection) metro and trolleybuses

• EMC on safety systems

• Equipment monitoring

• Security systems - CCTV/Monitoring



• High performance products offering superior tensile and impact / compression strength

• Designed to meet the strictest standards - EMC testing / vibration

• Wide product range to meet all applications

• Independently tested to the relevant standards

• EN 45545 tested products

• NFPA tested products

• Vibration proof

• Anti-tamper

Solutions for Construction

Whether it's for conventional power cables or the latest cable specification for data networking, flexible conduit offers the ideal solution for cable routing and protection for all building types

Applications include

• Facility wiring 

• Underfloor wiring distribution - home run and tap off units 

• CCTV / Access Control / Exterior Lighting

• BMS's (Building Management Systems)

• Structured Cabling networks

• Machine and process equipment


• Products are quick and easy to install

• Inherent flexibility for future proofing installations

• Protection for critical cabling to provide continuity of supply

Solutions for Defence & Marine

Flexicon offer an expanding range of products for this demanding sector. Requiring protection of critical systems this sector demands reliability within the severest of environments

Applications include

• Navel Vessels

• Fighting Vehicles 

• Weapon systems

• Operation & system control rooms

• Portable Buildings

• Ship and Dock Yards

• Ship/Boat engine rooms


• High performance products offering superior tensile strength

• Designed to meet the strictest standards - EMC testing, vibration and shock standards

• Swivel type UNEF fittings as standard to eliminate cable twisting

Solutions for Manufacturing

This sector demands reliability due to the potentially significant cost implications of downtime. A constant strive for efficiency often results in faster speeds and more intense usage. Mechanical strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand repeated movements are typical requirements.

Applications include

• CNC Machines

• Wood / Metal working machines

• Welding Machines

• Air conditioning units

• Robotics

• Conveyer systems

• Factory automation


• Wide product range to meet all applications

• Swivel type fittings to avoid cable twisting

Solutions for Hazardous Area

In certain sectors of industry, flammable substances such as gases, vapours, mist or dust can escape during manufacture, processing, storage and transport thus potentially creating an explosive atmosphere. Our new range of high performance products have been designed for highly demanding applications and meet the latest relevant ATEX and IECEx requirements.

Applications include

• On-shore and off-shore petrochemical and refining plants

• Distilleries

• Paint Spraying Plants

• Flour Mills

• Woodworking Machine Plants

• Water Industry / Sewage treatment

• Petrol forecourt environments

• Pharmaceutical industry

Flexicon has a wide range of products and solutions, the two main solutions are Metallic Conduit & Fittings and Non-Metallic Conduit & Fittings

Metallic Conduit & Fittings

With over 34 different metal conduit systems to select from there is sure to be a system to meet your application. Choose from conduit systems ranging from 10mm to 75mm in size, manufactured in galvanised steel or stainless steel and with or without a range of coverings/overbraiding.

Key features

• High compression strength 

• High pull off strength 

• Wide temperature tolerances 

• High impact strength 

• EMC screening performance 

• High IP rating - up to IP69 

Key benefits

• Suitable for a range of applications including heavy duty 

• Maintains integrity of the system in extreme applications 

• Suitable for a diverse range of operating environments 

• Can withstand impact forces such as falling objects 

• Protection against electromagnetic interference 

• No risk of water or dust ingress

Non-Metallic Conduit & Fittings.

With over 26 different non metallic conduit systems to choose from we are sure to have a system to meet your application. Systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 10mm up to 106mm, manufactured from a range of materials offering different properties.

Key features

• Wide range of sizes 

• Light weight 

• Easy to cut 

• High fatigue life 

• Superior IP ratings - up to IP69

• Slit versions available 

• Non corrosive 

• Highly flexible 

Key benefits

• Suitable for a wide range of applications 

• Easy to work with for ease of installation 

• Reduced installation times 

• Reduced whole life costs 

• No risk of water or dust ingress 

• Suitable for retrofit applications 

• Suitable for diverse environments 

• Movement without any impact on performance

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