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Atkore International Inc.    ), today announced that it has acquired Marco Cable Management, a leading U.K. designer and manufacturer of wire basket cable tray and PVC trunking

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One of a company's largest investment is into IT and the infrastructure, so an important element of IT is the cabling and supporting cable management system - but is an area which is traditionally overlooked
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A Cable Management Solution is the most important element within an IT infrastructure as it is the backbone to the biggest IT investment that a company makes, the network which needs to support the growth and increase demand over a long period of time

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Find out more about the use of cable management in solar farms and our cable products

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Check out latest post about the use of cable management in water treatment facilities here...

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Unistrut Supplier

Unistrut Supplier

Unistrut begansupplying products to the Mechanical Market during the 1930's. The OriginalUnistrut Metal Framing system, also Unistrut Channel Support Systems andElectrical Raceway still provides today a quick, economical and easy way ofbuilding both temporary and permanent structures as required by electrical,mechanical and industrial services.

With over 65 years’experience and investments Unistrut have increased the already extensiveproduct portfolio, with a variety of Cable Management Solutions and advancedMetal Framing Systems (Unistrut Channel).

Unistrut has been theleading supplier of metal channel framing systems and electrical raceway for 90years, with DP Building Systems being a ‘’Super Distributor’ ’for Unistrut forover 20 years and carries an extensive range of Unistrut products in stock.

Unistrut Channel isusually formed from metal sheet, folded over into an open channel shape withinwards-curving lips to provide additional stiffness and as allocation to mountinterconnecting components.

Unistrutand DP Building Systems provides a quick, economical and easy way of buildingboth temporary and permanent structures as required by electrical, mechanicaland industrial services for next day delivery - with years of experience andinvestments, Unistrut have increased the already extensive product portfolio, witha variety of Cable Management Solutions and advanced Metal Channel FramingSystems.

The main advantage ofUnistrut channel and Unistrut Raceway in construction is that there are manyoptions available for rapidly and easily connecting lengths together and otheritems to the Unistrut channel, using various specialized strut-specificfasteners and bolts. It can be assembled very rapidly with minimal tools andonly moderately trained labour, which reduces costs significantly in manyapplications. 

When purchasingUnistrut Channel and raceway, you will have the confidence, security and peaceof mind that the products you are purchasing are only using quality steelsbacked by certification and testing all our products to relevant BS standards –but there are authorized Unistrut stockiest and distributors that stockimitations which are positioned as ‘’compatible Unistrut’’ – Compatible Unistrutis not Unistrut, but a cheap alterative.

DP Building Systemsonly stock Genuine Unistrut Channel and electrical raceway, as such we havebeen rewarded the status by Unistrut as a ‘’Super Stockist’’ for UnistrutChannel and their full Cable Management & Raceway Solutions

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