Why use flexible conduit?

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What would happen if your Cabling failed? In today’s modern world there is an underlying trend towards more intelligent and automated systems driven by safety, efficiency and functionality. 

Flexible Conduit is the ideal solution to protect People and Personnel, Property and Processes

Understanding all the hazards?

Risks and hazards to cabling can vary significantly based on application, operating environments and conditions, hence one system does not necessarily suit all.

Flexicon understand the performance properties of our products & solutions and can minimise your risk. They offer application guidance and expert advice whatever your challenges.

Incorrect Specification could lead to critical failures for your Cabling and Installation

Providing an inherent mechanical barrier for cabling, Flexible Conduit offers more than just protection for Cables and Installations. It allows users and specifiers to do things differently, challenging traditional installation practices and offers unrivalled product performance.

Flexible Conduit vs Rigid Conduit

No bending / corner accessories required • Simple Cutting plus no thread cutting required • Suitable for Static and / or Dynamic Applications • Improved strength to weight ratio • Long Coiled Products as opposed to Straight lengths - easy to handle • No specialist tools required • Easy routing of product around obstructions • Can be composite, metal or plastic material • Can be retrofitted • Can configure pre made assemblies / harnesses

Flexible Conduit vs Cable Glands

• Can group multiple cables in one system meaning less terminations • Reduced physical glanding space required for termination of cables • Reduced risk of system failure due to fewer points of entry • Can replace faulty cables without replacing entire System • Can upgrade and add circuits with ease • Fitting does not have to compress the cable to ensure sealing • Can be retrofitted with ease • Suitable for use with multiple cable types • Quicker to install • Conduit fittings offering strain relief available • No need for specialist cables

Flexible Conduit vs Armoured Cables

Simple Cutting - easier assembly • Can combine multiple cable types in one system using off the shelf products • Can make quick changes / upgrades to circuits within existing system • Easy routing of cables with different bend radius • Can replace faulty cables without replacing entire system • Suitable for Static and / or Dynamic Applications • Can be retrofitted • Swivel thread fittings available to ease Installation • Mechanical protection provided by the Conduit - no need for specialist cables • Easier termination of glands

Flexible Conduit vs Trunking

Coiled Products as opposed to lengths • Easy routing of product • Higher IP ratings • Can be retrofitted • No requirement for corners • Simple Cutting • Simple termination • Suitable for Static and / or Dynamic Applications

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