Marco uPVC Perimeter Trunking Systems

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Marco uPVC Perimeter Trunking Systems

Elite Compact - 3 Compartment Trunking

Manufactured from the same high quality materials as Elite 3, Elite Compact offers all the same benefits and features of Elite 3, condensed into a smaller 145 x 50mm profile. Elite Compact is designed to carry large numbers of power and data cables, with a smaller profile which can be installed in locations where space is limited or when a smaller form-factor is desired. Elite Compact is able to support structured cabling systems including CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 solutions

Key Features

3 Compartment 

Elite Compact is a 3 compartment system, designed to provide the maximum in carrying capacity, whilst retaining a smaller aesthetic.

Hygieia Protection

Elite Compact is available with Marco Hygieia anti-microbial protection, keeping the spread of bacteria in all environments to a minimum

145 x 50mm Profile

Despite it’s small size, Elite Compact’s design allows it to house a large number of cables

in both it’s top and bottom compartments, as well as having a full sized centre compartment to house accessories.

DDA & Part M

Elite Compact is available with DDA and Part M specifications, including contrasting centre lid and a range of coloured accessory plates.

CAT6 & CAT7 Compliance

Elite Compact meets the latest structured cabling solutions by offering required bend radius on all fittings and accessories.

BIM Download

Elite Compact BIM objects are available as part of the uPVC BIM download on our website.

Elite Compact

The smallest in Marco’s Elite range, Compact offers all the benefits of larger Elite products, packed into its 145 x 50mm profile. Manufactured from the same high quality uPVC compound, Elite Compact has the same signature pure white finish as Marco’s other trunking.

Elite Compact’s design makes it perfect for housing structured cabling and comes CAT6 & CAT6A compliant as standard. 

Elite Compact is available in three colours, pure white, light grey and charcoal.

Elite Compact – DDA

Marco’s Elite Compact trunking is also able to accommodate DDA requirements, via the use of a light grey or charcoal centre lid.

Elite Compact – Hygieia

Elite Compact is available with Marco’s Hygieia protection, defending against 99.9% of harmful bacteria. The anti-microbial compound forms an integral part of the trunking, meaning there is no loss of performance if the trunking becomes scratched or damaged.

All of Compact’s additional components are also available with antimicrobial protection.

Marco’s Hygieia trunking is supplied with a protective blue film for extra protection during transit and installation.

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