Unistrut - Cable Management Solutions

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Unistrut - Cable Management Solutions

Unistrut® - Complete Solutions from the UK’s Number 1

Unistrut is known worldwide for producing the original Unistrut metal framing system. Our extensive product portfolio now includes a variety of cable management solutions and advanced metal framing systems. We continue to provide quality mechanical products and solutions.

Original Unistrut® Metal Framing System

The original, and still the best. Unistrut has been the leading supplier of metal framing systems for over 90 years. Specialising in Channel Framing, Cable Management and Prefabricated Framing, our quality products and services are synonymous with engineering excellence and reliability worldwide.

Unistrut® Cable Tray System

Unistrut also manufacture an industry leading range of cable tray products and accessories. Manufactured in a broad variety of finishes, fits and shapes, Unistrut have the widest range of cable tray systems available on the market.

Available with UK, US and EU standard patterns, Unistrut cable trays come in a wide range of sizes and finishes, including self-splicing and fast assembly variants. In order to suit as many projects as possible, Unistrut’s cable trays are available in Extra Heavy duty and can be supplied in a number of finishes.

Unistrut® Cable Ladder

The ideal solution for safely installing power cabling.

Unistrut cable ladder systems are renowned around the world for quality and engineering excellence. Suitable for installations where severe corrosion conditions are present, or where a long-term maintenance free product is required, Unistrut’s steel cable ladder systems are the obvious choice to suit almost any requirement.

Marco Cable Management

Marco Cable Management products are now available delivering a complete cable management service. Marco’s products include a leading range of solutions including:

uPVC perimeter trunking systems

Aluminium bench trunking & power poles

The UK’s largest range of steel wire cable trays & accessories

And the newly introduced underfloor trunking & floor box systems

Together with Marco, Unistrut can offer a complete cable management specification.

If you would like any help finding the right Cable Management solution, please contact our technical team on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777

Information on Unistrut Cable Management solution is also available on https://www.dpbuildingsystems.co.uk/unistrut