How to make faster, more cost-effective trapeze hangers

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How to make faster, more cost-effective trapeze hangers.

The trapeze hanger is a classic example of a strut based cable tray support. Typically constructed using 41 x 41 strut and lengths of threaded rod, these supports can be suspended from ceilings or steel beams to provide support for cable trays.

How can a lighter strut system make a better trapeze hanger?

There are alternatives to using traditional 41 x 41 strut for cable trays. Using a lighter rail, like our RapidRail,  in place of strut, offers a number of advantages.

A lighter rail is easier to lift, carry, transport and install

Less likely to result in accident or injury as it is easier to handle

More environmentally friendly as it uses less steel

Walraven's fast-fit parts offer time and labour saving construction 

Can be fabricated quickly and easily offsite

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