Shopping And Donating - The New Way Of Giving Back To The Community

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Shopping And Donating - The New Way Of Giving Back To The Community.

2020 is officially over and as we usher in 2021, people all over the world are hoping for a much better year than the last. The COVID-19 crisis will still be a big part of our lives, as will the weakened economy, lockdowns, and social distancing. And while 2020 did bring a lot of negativity and behaviour which was rather unbecoming of a civilised society, there were many times where positivity and the human spirit shined through like a great beacon of hope. Neighbours helped neighbours, strangers helped strangers, and people everywhere joined together to make the world a better place.

Helping The Community And Making A Real Difference

     One important trend that we saw rising from the chaos was people going out of their way to help their community. Social distancing and the pandemic lockdowns make traditional community outreach programmes unrealistic, but we still found ways to make a difference. And that difference in 2020 was made through a new trend called shopping and donating. By shopping at our favourite local and online retailers, we were able to make donations to incredibly worthy causes. We were able to help local businesses including restaurants and pubs stay afloat so we could enjoy them when the lockdowns are over, and these businesses can reopen.

Raise Money For Cancer Research

     We were also able to donate to much larger causes such as Cancer Research UK, as many businesses made this easier than ever in 2020. DP Building Systems, a manufacturer of innovative cable management solutions has partnered with Cancer Research UK to raise money for cancer research. As a tribute to loved-ones, friends, family, and colleagues, DP Building Systems is giving supporters a unique opportunity to name batches of their new premium quality 5-in-1 fast charging and data transfer cables after a loved one. A percentage of the sale of every charging cable will go to fund cancer research which could help a family member, a friend, or a loved one.

Contact DP Building Systems

     To learn more about new ways of giving back to the community and how DP Building Systems is helping to fight cancer, contact us today and shop a wide selection of premium quality 5-in-1 fast charging and data transfer cables - see more information on

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