DP Building Systems Launches Products to Support the Cancer Research UK

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DP Building Systems Launches Products to Support the Cancer Research UK

Bring the best electrical supplier, DP Building Systems has come up with the launching of two latest and innovative products that will help in raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

Date, Place: Currently, you will see that Cancer Research UK is one of the world’s largest funder that collects provides money for cancer research. Seeing the work that they have done to date, DP Building Systems, an electrical supplier in Birmingham, has announced collaboration with them to raise charity funds. The entire funds which will be collected here are going to be used to accentuate the process of research and trials. Luckily, this partnership aims to gather at least £100,000 of funds in the next two years. The money collected is going to be of great help for the researchers to excel in their work of diagnosis and treatment care.

DP Building Systems, being an electrical supplier, is planning to launch two products which will certainly prove to be the best for current usage. One of them is a Universal 5-in-1 USB Fast Charging Cable that will raise a £1.00 donation. This premium quality products can be used by you to charge up your phones, smart devices and tablets. The best part of these products is that you can give them to your dear ones. DP Building Systems provides you an opportunity to get it customized with the names of your friends, family, or colleagues. 

The next product on the list is the Universal 5-in-1 Data Transfer USB Fast Charging Cable, which will help to raise £5.00 for Cancer Research UK. These data transferring and charging 5-in-1 cables can now be bought by you to add some of your contributions to the research processes. 

Over the years, it has been noticed that from the 1 in 4 survival rate today, it has reached 3 in 4. Cancer Research UK has been playing a very important role when it comes to providing care and treatment to cancer patients. 

DP Building Systems is a 22-year-old business that has been providing the best high-quality electrical supplies to the construction industry. With this product collaboration with Cancer Research UK, it certainly is our contribution to humanity. From helping them to carry full-fledged research to provide proper care to patients, we wish to contribute to every aspect of Cancer Research UK.

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