Zip-Clip LOOP-IT

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Zip-Clip LOOP-IT

The Specifics: The range consists of a predetermined length of wire from 1 metre to 10 metres with a choice of Safe Working Load:

 •  G 15kg SWL •  S 50kg SWL •  Y 90kg SWL •  P 300kg SWL •  N 500kg SWL The system consists of wire with  a ferruled loop termination and a  zip-clip device.

The Applications 

•  Trunking and busbar solutions •  Trapeze bracket solutions •  Prefabricated module solutions •  Secondary light support solutions

The Features and Benefits •  Key free release system •  Simple to use •  Suspension can be inverted •   High tensile galvanised wire 1960N/ mm2 grade 7 x 7 construction •  BSEN 12385 standard •  Safety factor: 5:1


Wrap around installations including: •  Beams •  Purlins •  Roof Trusses •  Steel framed buildings •   All other existing features

If you would like more information or support, please contact our dedicated Zip-Clip technical team on or to obtain supported project pricing please contact our Zip-Clip sales team on or 0121 706 7777

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