Flexicon Flexible Conduit, Glands and Clamps.

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Flexicon Flexible  Conduit, Glands and Clamps.

The Flexicon Range

With a minimum dielectric strength of 3.5kV, in various weights and flame retardant ratings, and with variants specifically designed for use in flood-prone areas, the range is suitable for use in the majority of track-side locations. PADS approved flexible conduit from Flexicon is available in diameters 21mm to 106mm for indoor and outdoor applications, and from 21mm to 67mm for external applications in areas prone to flooding. Network Rail has also approved a range of accessories including fixing clips, heavy-duty conduit clamps, rubber end clamps and non-metallic conduit cutters. 

Its integrated sealing technology delivers an IP rating of 66, 67, 68 and 69, while its all round teeth provide 360° strength to give the strongest tensile strength available of up to 70Kg (for 21mm size conduit). The new fitting also has the highest levels of anti-vibration and shock protection performance testing to EN 61373 Cat 2.

Unusually for such a high performance fitting, Flexicon Ultra™ has a one-piece construction, so there is no risk of missing components on site which could result in the potential for an inferior/incorrect assembly. It is easily installed using a simple push and twist connection to the conduit, and is compatible with both fine and coarse pitch conduits without any loss of sealing performance.

Flood Areas Network Rail has recently enhanced their PADS requirements to include a provision for areas prone to flooding or prolonged immersion under water. Crucially if an area is prone to flooding and/or there is a risk of cabling being immersed then currently only Flexicon can provide a PADS approved system for Network Rail signalling and infrastructure installations For areas prone to flooding, use the PA12 range of conduit with NRFPAU fittings and glands. Class II Installations The Flexicon flexible conduits are approved for use in Class II installations, note that the Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance states “A Class II installation is satisfied if the insulating flexible conduits, glands and accessories are installed with other system components in accordance with NR/L2/ SIGELP/24710 Issue 2. The use of insulating flexible conduit, glands and accessories alone in a Class I installation does not provide a protective measure.” Flame Retardant Materials The Flexicon range has two levels of flame retardancy – ‘Standard’ and ‘Highly’ flame retardant.

The Flexicon insulated flexible conduit system for cable protection is now available for use in new and upgraded Signalling Power Distribution Systems  in accordance with NR/L2.SIGELP/27410 Issue 2.

If you would like more information, please contact our dedicated Flexicon technical team on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777

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