Marco’s Juno uPVC Trunking

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Marco’s Juno is a single compartment uPVC dado trunking system, which can be subdivided by means of a dividing strip to accommodate power, data and telecommunication cables. The positions of the divider fixing points allow for Juno to be split into two, three or four compartments depending on the installation requirements.

Single compartment

Marco's Juno is a single compartment trunking with a 100 x 50mm profile.

Available in two colours

Juno is available in both pure white and charcoal.

Extra compartments

Juno can be divided into a 2, 3 or 4 compartment trunking, using Marco's divider strips.

Robust and Durable

Juno's single body design makes it strong and designed to last.

DDA compliance attainable

Juno can accept Marco's universal centre lids, allowing for contrasting colours to be installed attaining DDA compliance where required.

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