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This year, Pemsa, the market leading manufacturer of cable trays, is celebrating 50 years of experience, knowledge and success within the cable management systems marketplace. Founded in 1969, the company responded to a real need to organise and, above all, facilitate the future maintenance of electrical installations by designing, manufacturing and supplying quality solutions for the installers. The company has been active in the UK for more than 16 years, applying the company’s 50 years of experience in studying, analysing and then offering adapted solutions to suit its customers and the UK market.


As an approved supplier to London Underground, cable tray specialist, Pemsa, talks about the quality of products that are required for the UK Rail Industry and in particular the new High Speed 2 railway project. This article explains more about how the project is unfolding

High Speed Two is the new railway system that will be the backbone of Britain’s transport network, and a great amount of investment and development is going into improving the connections for many cities around Great Britain. However, this does not only affect the new high-speed railway network. London Underground (Transport for London) has defined an ambitious plan to build new infrastructures and modernise other existing buildings, stations and networks. Recently, under the HS2 programme, there has been information released regarding new projects, such as the Euston Transport Interchange in Central London that will connect eight of Britain’s 10 largest cities. 

These plans and programmes are applying the best in worldwide design and construction techniques in order to achieve new standards in infrastructure delivery, resilient operations and passenger experience. The projects will also demand product solutions with a high quality and technical features to accomplish the maximum safety standards required. Cable management systems and cable trays play a very important role in energy routing and distribution, and they become a key factor in the high security required. Rejiband wire mesh tray and Megaband ladder ranges are approved and included inside the constraints and technical specifications of London Underground and Transport for London thanks to the highly specialised requirements of quality and safety that these products offer. The LUL approval is supported under the following technical and safety features of the cable trays:

•  Fire resistance. In case of fire, the safety of the infrastructures and the public can only be guaranteed if all the necessary safety installations remain operational. Cable tray systems that provide preservation of functionality and maintain their supporting task in the event of fire thereby contribute to the continuing operation of an installation.

•  Corrosion resistance. The product solutions need to offer a useful lifetime period without a reduction of the technical features in humid conditions like tunnels, external areas, environments with pollution etc.  •  Electrical continuity. Guaranteeing safe electrical continuity whilst avoiding electrical contact and protecting the security of the installer and members of the public. •  High load capacity. Able to support and manage the various types of electrical power cables demanded by these types of railway infrastructures.

Pemsa has various product ranges that meet these requirements:

Rejiband Rapide wire mesh trays 

This is a quick coupling system that doesn’t require any fixings and connects in only two seconds. It is a fast and easy connection that makes the product installation easier for installers and technicians. 

There is a wide range of accessories available for this product range that offer good solutions to manage the cables and connect devices or equipment to the installation, such as lighting, junction boxes, security cameras etc. 

For improving the security of the installation, Rejiband Rapide wire mesh tray has been designed with a rounded safety edge that avoids any damage to the cables and safety for the technicians when they manage and install the cables. 

Another important technical aspect is the performance of Rejiband in humid environments. The organic mineral Black 

C8 coating has an extra resistance against corrosion. The performance of this coating is much better than that of hot dip galvanised, achieving more than 1,200 hours in a salt spray chamber test. The smooth black finish is much more aesthetically appealing than hot dip galvanised, with no sharp edges or spikes and no irregularities or areas with reduced thickness. 

Fire resistance is a very important consideration and Pemsa has tested its cable tray systems in accordance with the DIN 4102-12 standard. The test qualified the preservation of functionality of its installations by withstanding 90 minutes at 1,000°C, thus obtaining the E90 certification. 

Safe electrical continuity is guaranteed in the cable tray systems, thanks to testing according to the requirements of the international product standard BS-EN 61537. 

Megaband Ladder The Ladder product solution from Pemsa meets all of the previously mentioned requirements, as it is also tested to the same requirements of the standard BS-EN 61537. 

One of the tests is dedicated to establishing the safe working loads. Wire mesh tray and cable ladder are tested with a safety coefficient of 170%. These values are guaranteed by an external certification company and the IEC committee by way of the IECEE-CB certificate. 

Megaband Ladder is manufactured using a highly technical system of robotic welding, which ensures the best performance required for railway infrastructures and industrial applications when loading heavy cables. 

Corrosion resistance is another important benefit of Megaband Ladder. The hot dip galvanised finish, with an 85 micron coating and the stainless steel material, is designed to offer the very best options within any aggressive or humid environments, tunnels, power stations, outdoor applications etc.

As an approved supplier to London Underground, cable tray specialist, Pemsa, talks about the quality of products that are required for the UK Rail Industry and in particular the new High Speed 2 railway project. This article explains more about how the project is unfolding.


If you would like more information, please contact our dedicated Pemsa technical team on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777