New 2019 Pemsa catalogue available

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This edition easily connects with the extended information containedin the online catalogue.

Pemsa has updated its catalogue of cable trays and conduits for electrical and telecommunications cables, introducing the latest developments and including innovative features to connect with its online tools.

Includes the following product news:

Rejiband® RAPIDE®. Rapid Connection Wire Mesh Tray System.

Rejiband® 60×60 Double Base Rod.

Megaband Pre-Galvanised coating for indoor industrial applications.

Megaband height 150. Increases the load capacity and the management of large diameter cables in industrial applications.

Pemsaband® Naval. New Pemsa product solution for the ship industry and marine buildings.

New IRIS Cable Gland Range for special applications such as high temperatures, electromagnetic compatibility, Industry, Stainless steels etc.

New IRIS AIR Cable Gland Range incorporating new features for ventilation. pressure balance and drainage of inside condensation.

New range of Clips for the fixing of rígid Halogen Free Conduits.

And of course this keeps the most complete information about:

Assembly and installation details for cable trays and accessories.

Technical data, useful sections and Safe working loads of Cable trays and supports.

Product solutions for various applications and technical information.

Product Reference Index, EAN codes etc.

Please contact our Pemsa technical team for a copy, 0121 706 7777 or