The Original Unistrut Channel Strut In Stock

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Are you buying Compatible Unistrut believing it is actually Unistrut? 

There are a large number of construction and building materials suppliers who will very openly offer 'Compatible Products', such as Unistrut Compatible . What this means is that the 'Unistrut Compatible' product will fit together with other official Unistrut products such as channel and cable tray. Nearly always 'Unistrut Compatible' products are cheaper than their official Unistrut counterparts, this is for a very good reason, the products haven't been through the same stringent quality monitoring process all Unistrut products are subject to and as a result are of a much lower quality.

DP Building Systems are a Unistrut Super Stockist, and as such only offer Genuine Unistrut

Unistrut offer a 10-Year Warranty on their solutions, this demonstrates the standard of their solutions.

For more information, please Click Here or contact our dedicated Unistrut Technical Team on 0121 706 7777 or