Unistrut Bespoke Solutions

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Unistrut Bespoke Solutions - the complete bespoke solution from Unistrut.

Unistrut and DP Building Systems have partnered together to offer a range of cable management and raceway bespoke prefrabricated & modular solutions.

Unistrut understand the challenges that modern infrastructure projects create. It’s often the case that an off-the-shelf solution is unable to answer all of your needs and requirements – especially when there are specific location, timing, or environmental issues to consider. 

In these situations, a bespoke solution can offer you the durability and flexibility you need to successfully deliver your project. 

Their prefabricated service specialises in solving complex framing issues. Their ability to assess, design, build and support bespoke systems has proven to be invaluable on a variety of major projects.

TRAPEZE FRAMES. Multi-Service support for mechanical, electrical and ventilation

Fully Specified Each threaded rod unit can be supplied to the clients specific requirements, ensuring that every job is met with accurate and ready to install modules. Specific dimensions on the size of channel used and the diameter of the threaded rod can be specified to Unistrut upon enquiry.
Multiple Tiers Each unit can be supplied as a single, or multi-tiered set, to allow for changing of configurations on-site.
Best Practice Each trapeze frame is manufactured to Unistrut’s best practice, which includes our square plate and flat washers. Unistrut ensure each unit is manufactured to comply with all applicable standards.
Application Specific
Each trapeze unit is designed to specific customer requirements, with application driven load calculations done beforehand to ensure each unit can support all on-site requirements.

H-FRAMES. Multi-Service brackets manufactured from Unistrut, available as welded or bolted systems
Unistrut’s H-Frames can be supplied in two system configurations to allow for flexibility when ordering the product. 
H-Frames are available as follows:
Bolted System Unistrut's bolted system is supplied with all accessories pre-installed to the unit using nut and bolt configurations. This solution is ideal for projects where the installer may need to make small adjustments based on site requirements.
Welded System Unistrut’s welded H-frames are designed for rigidity and sustained product life. Each welded unit is supplied complete and cannot be adjusted to suit on-site requirements, as all design requirements are signed off before manufacture.

Bespoke modular units, delivered complete & ready to install
Unistrut’s kit assemblies are designed for installation on projects where multiple, repeating specifications are required, and are supplied complete, ensuring each order arrives with the exact number of components and accessories.
Benefits of kit modules include reduced waste on site, reduced time spent cutting and assembling framing, and ensuring that exact quantities are delivered each time.
Reduced time on-site By ordering Unistrut kit modules, you can be sure each unit arrives on site, ready to install.
Reduced waste Each unit is supplied pre-cut to exact lengths requested, ensuring no excess waste is produced on-site.
Exact quantities Each module is delivered complete with all accessories and fittings required. This ensures no excess waste is created during installation

2D Modules to support multiple services supplying mechanical and electrical services
Similar to our H-Frames, Unistrut 2D modules are designed, manufactured and delivered to site ready to install. Utilised in housing a large amount of containment and infrastructure, including ventilation and air conditioning units, Unistrut's 2D modules can be installed vertically and horizontally. 
Vertical units can be utilised to carry service risers through high-rise builds. 2D modules are also available as bolted or welded units.
Delivered complete Each 2D module is delivered complete, ready to install and ready to house a wide variety of services.
Quality Manufacturing Unistrut’s 2D modules are manufactured to Unistrut’s strict quality requirements, with each module tested to meet the load specification from the client.

Unpopulated 3D modules, designed as extensions of the 2D model, manufactured to house a wide range of electrical and mechanical services
Unistrut 3D modules are designed to house a complex series of electrical and mechanical infrastructure. 
Unistrut's modular service ensures each unit is manufactured to the customers' specific requirements, and clear guidance and technical support, as well as regular updates provided throughout the manufacturing process.
Bolted or Welded Assemblies Unistrut 3D modules can be delivered as bolted or welded units. Bolted units give the client the flexibility to alter units to suit on-site requirements, whilst welded units provide a stronger, more rigid base to house services.
Scope of work
Unistrut are able to manufacture a wide scope of 3D modules, whether the client requires a one-off design solution, or hundreds of modules. No project is the same, and Unistrut are able to offer a wide variety of flexible solutions to suit the clients’ needs

Fully populated modules with mechanical and electrical services installed.
Unistrut are also able to populate our 2D and 3D modules with a number of services from our range of electrical raceway products. This includes our cable ladder, cable tray, cable trunking and Marco wire basket tray. These products are all installed in the modules before shipping and secured in place using a range of Unistrut fittings and accessories.
Unistrut’s ability to offer fully serviced M&E modules allows us to take on a wider variety of projects, giving our modular framing systems a wider application reach.
Quality assurance is integral to the manufacture of each module, with each being thoroughly checked prior to delivery, ensuring each unit is fully compliant with relevant standards and specifications.

For more information, visit Unistrut Supplier Shop or contact our dedicated Unistrut Technical Team on unistrut@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777