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Find out more on Unistrut Concrete Inserts

The strongest Concrete Insert on the market: the Unistrut P3246.

The strongest Concrete Insert on the market: the Unistrut P3246. The Unistrut P3246 is the newest addition to the heavy duty concrete insert family.  Unistrut offers light duty, medium duty and heavy-duty concrete inserts for a wide range of applications, including pre-cast, prestressed or poured-in-place concrete floors, walls and ceilings.  Fiberglass concrete inserts, spot inserts, channel nuts and closure strips are also available.  Unistrut’s wide range of styles and accessories allow for more ways to design and build structures in a variety of finishes and materials.  Unistrut offers concrete inserts to solve all your insert application requirements.  Choose Unistrut Concrete Inserts today

Unistrut is proud to introduce the strongest Concrete Insert in the market, the Unistrut P3246. The P3246 is designed for heavy duty applications with up to 5,700 lbs. tension capacity in 3,000 psi concrete. The Unistrut P3246 is used for hanging piping equipment, shelving, mechanical boxes and more. Its unique conical design and non-conductive cross-bars provide incredible strength while minimizing the risk of unintended electrical contact. One P3246 has the load carrying capacity to replace multiple ceiling anchorage points, minimizing the number of inserts. This results in a cleaner installation with significant material and labour cost savings.

If you would like more information on the Unistrut Concrete Inserts Click Here or  contact our Unistrut Team at or 0121 706 7777, they are available to offer free help to select the correct Unistrut product and solution