Data Cable Installations Service

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Data Cable Installations 

Because our clients’ businesses are dynamic environments, constantly growing and evolving, they demand high standards, high density and flexible cabling infrastructure which can accommodate their IT demands without disruption. DP Building Systems can devise the optimal cable architecture whatever the size of clients’ facilities, using high quality, industry standard cabling products and solutions. 

Practically every device (including wireless) is connected to other devices, with multiple cables to provide back up (or 'redundancy'). DP Building Systems can optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness with most appropriate cabling architecture and choice for each environment. DP Building Systems covers all type of data cabling which includes copper, fibre and co-axial installations. 

DP Building Systems can install all types of copper from Cat5e to Cat6 and beyond. In terms of fibre, DP Building Systems can install single mode (SMF) (OS1 and OS2) or multimode fibre (MMF) cables (OM2, OM3, OM4 etc.) whether this is preterminated, spliced or direct terminated. MTP/MPO – with increasing demand for high capacity connectivity, MTP/MPO fibres are being used more frequently. Some vendors are now offering MTP/MPO ports directly on their high end network and storage solutions. DP Building Systems is developing experience in the design and deployment of MTP/MPO solutions for Clients that are building these latest generation topologies. 

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