See your meeting room solutions in a whole new way

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See your meeting room solutions in a whole new way

Take a good, hard look at your meeting room. Do you see a flexible, well-organized space that can be easily adapted to a wide range of uses? Or do you see a disorganized jumble of cords and cables running every which way, cluttering the floor and tables?


If chaos is what you see, then it’s time to open your eyes to Wiremold® Meeting Room Solutions. Innovative, easy-to-install systems and products designed to keep power, communications and A/V cords and cables neatly organized and contained. So you can meet today’s demand for more productive and flexible work environments. 


InteGreat™ Table Box Extends power, communications and A/V to the point-of-use. Easily integrates with Wiremold Cable Retractors to keep cables safe and organized

InteGreat™ Cable Retractors Compatible with the A/V Table Box. Provides up to 5' of retractable cable to keep everything safe and organized  at the point-of-use

InteGreat™ Cable Management Organizes and protects cables and cords under the table, keeping them from getting underfoot. Easily accommodates upgrades or reconfigurations with tray that opens with push of a clip and manages cables with designed-in retaining dividers

InteGreat™ Transition Channel Works with other Meeting Room Solutions (cable management, floor boxes, poke-thru devices and OFR Series Overfloor Raceway) to provide a discreet, safe way to bring power and technology from infrastructure to point-of-use. Channel easily adjusts to a variety of table heights

Evolution™ Series  Poke-Thru Devices Deliver power, communications and A/V cabling through the floor for a clean and organized design. The 6" configuration mates perfectly with the InteGreat Transition Channel. This gives a tough, smart design that keeps wires, connections and people safer.

OFR Series Overfloor Raceway Wiremold OFR Raceway is the perfect solution for when you can’t bring cables from the floor below. Delivers cables from wall to table with the lowest, sleekest, ADA-compatible profile around. Provides four channels for multiple combinations of power, communications and A/V – in  one, easy-to-install system.

Evolution™ Series Wall Boxes Bring power, communications and A/V where you need it most. With a stylish design that enables flush mounting of flat screen displays. The perfect solution for any space where multimedia is required

AVIP Plates From meetings to training rooms to workspaces, Wiremold Audio/ Video Interface Plates (AVIP) offer a secure connection that resists being pulled out or broken while connected. These metal plates are screwed down connectors and compatible with all Wiremold devices and cabling pathways

Today’s teaming and collaboration areas are becoming more dynamic. With furniture designed to be easily moved and rearranged to accommodate a range of configurations. Regardless of the layout, every attendee can have easy access to power and data. Which means wire and cable management solutions must be highly flexible and adaptable – without  getting in the way.

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