Type AAF Clamp Specified for Sky-Pool Structure Case Study

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Lindapter's steelwork fixing connections were used on a suspended swimming pool which bridges the gap between two luxury residential towers to form the American Copper Buildings development. 

The ‘sky-pool’ is based on the bottom floor of a three-story fitness and leisure complex, allowing residents to swim between the two skyscrapers while taking in the views from high above New York City.

The structure creates a new landmark for the area and sets a new standard for architectural design and innovation. The skybridge is also a feat of modern engineering as the structure itself is made out of steel trusses that weigh up to 190,000 kilograms.

During the construction, the contractors needed a durable fixing to secure a steel grid to the trusses to form the façade panel framework. The engineers evaluated several connection products before it was decided that Lindapter’s Type AAF clamp was the best choice for attaching the steel grid due to the on-site adjustability and high strength capacity.

The Type AAF is designed to self-adjust to suit the beam flange thickness and it also allows lateral adjustability. This allowed installers to easily move the frame into position before simply tightening the clamps with standard hand tools to secure into position. This allowed a quick and convenient installation process without the hassle of drilling or welding, helping the contractors to complete the project on time.

The Type AAF is available now from your local distributor in sizes M12 to M20.