Legrand Minkel Housing Solution

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Minkels has an extensive portfolio of housing solutions for your data centre and/or server room. The Minkels housing solutions are perfectly suited for the installation of (blade) servers, switches, patch panels, routers and storage equipment. Modularity and flexibility are always central concepts in our design process.

We have a range of standard products for you to choose from. If you are in need of more flexibility, for example because the standard dimensions do not suffice, Minkels offers the option of a mass-customised housing solution. These products consist of building blocks which you can combine and integrate into a suitable solution for your data centre and/or server room. 

What rack best suits your needs greatly depends on its intended application. A distinction is made between the following types of racks: 

• Server & network rack

• Switching & Routing rack

• Co-location rack

• Integration rack

• Wall enclosures

Would you like to expand your rack with various accessories? Or optimise it using our airflow packages, so as to achieve the ideal climate for your IT-equipment? Or would you like a different kind of door? If so, click one of the links below to explore the available options:

• Mechanical accessories

• Cable management

• Airflow optimisation

• Security

If you would like more information Click Here or contact our technical team for free support on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777