Lindapter offer technical innovation in steelwork connections

For over 80 years Lindapter has earned a respected reputation as the pioneer in the design and manufacture of steelwork clamping systems, growing from a modest family business into a reputable global brand by providing a faster, cost-effective alternative to drilling or welding. Typical applications include connections for:

- Structural Beams

- Structural Hollow Section (SHS)

- Pipe Supports

- Lifting Points

- Façades and Cladding

- Steel Flooring

Proven connection solutions

Lindapter solutions are used on iconic structures around the world in an extensive range of applications as a faster alternative to drilling or welding, ultimatley saving time and money.

Traditional Methods (Welding, Drilling or Bolting)

·         No adjustability with additional work, e.g. repeated tack welding and grinding

·         Damage to steelwork and coatings

·         Time consuming

·         Power source required

·         Requires skilled workforce and specialist equipment

The Lindapter Method (steel clamping)

·         Adjustable on-site for precise adjustment

·         Steelwork and coating are undamaged, maintaining strength and fire protection

·         Simple and fast installation.

·         Power is not required so all areas are accessible without prolonged preparation

·         Power is not required so all areas are accessable

·         Installation requires hand tools only so labour and equipment costs are reduced