fischer FGW 90 F Nail Gun

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fischer FGW 90 F Nail Gun.

The fischer FGW 90F gas-actuated setting tool drives nails precisely into the wood substrate with 90-joule setting energy. Thus, up to three fastenings can be achieved into the working surface per second. The powerful CAS battery lasts for 8,000 nailings per charge under normal conditions. The wide range of nails is suitable for a variety of materials, such as solid wood, plywood, plywood as well as chipboard, fiberboard and veneer materials


The 90 joules power ensures correct penetration into the working surface with up to three fixings per second. 

The embedment depth of the nails can be easily adjusted to the application. 

Maintenance intervals after every 20,000 fixings, under standard conditions, ensure a long service life. 

Ring and smooth shank nails in different lengths allow universal use. 

The powerful rechargeable battery with Li-Ion power can be used for more than 8,000 fixings per charge. It is also suitable for the fastening tool FGC 100.