Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions
With many years of experience and partnership with specialist venders such as Minkels, Ortronics Cablofil, Raritan, Server Technology, Electrak, Soluflex, Ez-Path and IDAC Cabling Solutions - DP Building Systems have the knowledge and skills to provide the best of breed solution for your Infrastructure Solutions and Data Communication requirements.

The products and solutions that sit within our Data Communication product family range from KVM, Power Management, Data Centre Class Cable Management, Cabinets / Racking Solutions, Cold Corridors, Busbars and Raised Floor Solutions

We also stock and offer a full range of Cabling for Data Centre, an IT Infrastructure, a Server Room or Network including Networking, Fibre Optics and Power Cabling.

To support our products and solutions, we also offer a number of services from initial concept, design and installation.

Growth in an IT environment is certain, planning ahead for addition cabinets, servers, storage and networking components and the Cable Management Solution supporting the growth infrastructure is essential. It is easier to integrate racks and components that have already been planned for, rather than reactional which normally results in a poor performing networking and downtime. 

New trends and technologies are being developed every day; high density servers, converged infrastructure, IoT are examples of this which all result in higher levels or performance and data. So it is imperative that at design stage, future proofing the network and infrastructure is considered.

Development of higher speed technology has resulted in the development of greater diameter cabling, resulting in larger cabling being deployed within cabling system than previously used – future proofing ensures industry trends are anticipated.

It is complicating adding or removing cables connected directly or indirectly to the network solution, with selecting our supplier’s solutions as well as a designed structured cabling it reduces deployment risk on future hardware as it offers easier access and management to the networking components.

Our solutions are designed with future proofing in mind: -
• Improved maintenance and serviceability
• Ensure the durability of the infrastructure
• Reduce the chance of human error when changes are required
• Improve labour time and costs from the initial install to upgrading the network
• Reduce installation and maintenance downtime, both scheduled and unscheduled

To support the growth of the infrastructure, downtime is inevitable but good Cable Management and infrastructure hardware will help reduce downtime for networking upgrades or change-outs, it will also reduce the risk of human error when unplugging networked devices as it is simpler to identity the required cables to move.

We have in-house specialists to help identify which solution best suits your needs, requirements and budget as well as ensuring the solution is future-proofed as well as working with our suppliers for the best solution at the right price