Wire Cable Basket Tray

Wire Cable Basket Tray

Wire Cable Basket Tray and Mesh Wire Basket used extensively for supporting cables, particularly Data Cables and is an alternative to Cable Tray.

We offer a number of suppliers wire mesh and cable basket tray including Unistrut and Pemsa, both offer light, heavy and extra heavy products to meet the system load requirements, and through the use of simple cutout patterns, the straights can be transformed in to a wide number of bends and rises meeting the angles and distance you require.

Pemsa basket cable tray features a Bycro (bichromed) coating that gives it distinctive gold coloured appearance and class 4 corrosion resistance compared to pre-galvanised class 2, it's also compliant with current RoHS legislation and RAEE directives. Basket cable tray has a number of advantages over traditional cable tray: It's a lighter in weight, using 30% less material, so is easier for installers to carry and puts less stress on the support points.

Bends and risers risers are not needed, simply cut the wire basket with a basket tray cutter and fabricate as required, reducing purchasing costs and time planning. Open design allows maximum ventilation to enable cooler running of cables. Tested and Certificated E90 Fire Resistance. Easier identification of cabling from below

Finishes are available in Hot Dipping Galvanised, Powder Coated, Stainless Steel (304 and 316) and Zinc Plated.

Our suppliers ranges are versatile, robust and straightforward to select which product you require, our suppliers have made it simple to select the sizes and accessories you require for your solution. If you need any further help, please contact our Technical Team on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk