Pride-inspired LGBT Foundation Universal 5-in-1 Multi USB Fast Charging Cable – Buy 1 Get 1 Free!


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Support LGBT is a partnership between LGBT Foundation and DP Building Systems. We are a cable specialist company based in Birmingham. We have partnered with the LGBT Foundation to launch new cable products in support of the foundation.

We are passionate about helping charities and organisations raise funds by creating usable, useful and interesting cable products to support their causes.

This is a non profit project to raise as much funds for LGBT Foundation causes.

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Faster than the standard USB charging cables -Type A, Micro-USB, Type-C, Mini-USB & more

Universal 5-in-1 multi USB charging cable with built-in belt clip.

For every unit sold, £0.50 goes to LGBT Foundation

This rainbow ‘Equality Wins’ multi-connector cable features USB to Mini USB, Micro-USB, 8 pin, and USB-C charging, suitable for charging all your devices such as smartphones to cameras, video games consoles, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, MP3 players, e-readers and more – faster than the standard USB charging cables.

Charge multiple devices simultaneously with heat-efficient cable technology

Simply connect the standard USB-A connector to any power bank, wall charger or mains USB adapter, desktop computer, laptop, car charger, external battery or computer USB port to begin charging one single device or multiple devices simultaneously! The flat design of the rainbow cables provides greater efficiency in dissipating heat because of their increased surface-to-volume ratio, meaning that you can charge four devices at the same time without worrying about overworked wires.

Small, portable, lightweight, and durable

This universal multi-USB cable is perfect for keeping at home or taking with you anywhere you go, work, school, travelling or out-and-about – great to keep around for when your devices are running low on battery. Simply pop it in your handbag, backpack, pocket or use the built-in belt clip to attach to your bag for easy access.

Type C fast-charging 23.5cm cable

This cable uses Type C Fast Charging technology to provide more output enabling your device to charge at a faster rate by supplying more electricity. Perfect for when your device is running low on battery and you need a quick boost or a fast full charge.

Support LGBT Foundation with your purchase

For every unit sold, £0.50 goes to LGBT Foundation, a national charity delivering advice, support and information services to LGBT communities. Comes in packaging that is 100% biodegradable.

Additional information

Dimensions 53570709 cm

Our story so far

The inventor of the product Adam* tragically lost his friend Jake* to suicide after he struggled for years with issues related to his sexual orientation and his fears that he will be “bring shame” and be rejected by his family. 

Adam said, 

“He is a great guy, and very much missed. I just wish he had the support of an organisation like LGBT Foundation. No one should feel that their own option is suicide.”

LGBT people experience disproportionately poor mental health in comparison to the general population, and are at much greater risk of experiencing suicidal thoughts or attempting suicide. Sadly there are many LGBT people who feel that there is nowhere to turn to for support and that their only option is to end their own life.

With your help we can change that.

LGBT Foundation is a national LGBT charity offering services, advice and support to LGBT people. Their helpline, which celebrated its 45th anniversary this year, offers a lifeline to thousands of LGBT people who’ve had nowhere else to turn. With your support they can be there for every single LGBT person who needs them.

£1 from every sale goes to LGBT Foundation support

**Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of those involved.

Technical Data

  • 5-in-1 Rainbow Universal Multi-USB cable includes:
  • USB-A (Purple)
  • Mini USB (Blue)
  • Micro USB (Green)
  • 8 Pin connector (Yellow)
  • USB-C (Orange)
  • Charging cable featuring USB A Male, Micro, Mini, 8 pin & Type C connectors
  • Suitable for a wide range of devices devices
  • Male to male connectors
  • Suitable for charging from a power bank, wall charger, mains USB adapter, desktop computer, laptop, car charger, external battery or computer USB port
  • Effective charging for Android & other devices, smartphones, cameras, video games consoles, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, Mp3 players, e-readers and more.
  • Type C Fast Charging capabilities
  • Flat design of the rainbow cables provides greater efficiency in dissipating heat because of their increased surface-to-volume ratio, meaning that you can charge four devices at the same time without worrying about overworked wires.
  • Built-in belt clip for easy attachment and easy access
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 4 x 1.5 cm
  • Note: Does not support data transfer.

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