Zip-Clip Prefabricated Module solutions

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Zip-Clip Prefabricated Module solutions 

Installation Guide 

Modular M&E installation is gathering pace in the construction of all building types.

The benefits of off-site manufacture and assembly, not only help to improve quality and safety on site, but also continue to compress construction programme time-scales.

The offsite manufacturing process can help site management by reducing the number of resources on site, leading to reduced logistics and welfare arrangements. Meanwhile, site scrap, packaging and waste materials are also minimised.

Typical services include: Domestics, LTHW, CHW, sprinklers, drainage as well as electrical services comprising of basket, tray or ladder and even modular wiring to complete the solution 

Zip-Clip systems:

Zip-Clip manufacture products and systems with the same lean ethos.

Our range of innovative products are designed to aid the quick

installation of modular M&E, whilst enabling sites to reduce waste,

transport costs, storage requirements and installation times.

Fixing Terminations:

Depending on the substrate, or ceiling construction, there can be a range of termination requirements. Zip-Clip provide a range of products to suit a variety of applications, examples below

Loop-It :

This system consists of a wire with a ferruled loop termination.

Simple to use and install, the Loop-It provides the installer with a very quick termination, suitable for weights up to 500kg.

Thread-It :

This system consists of a wire looped through a heavy duty eye-bolt, with a machine ferruled loop.

Used in this guise, it is suitable for corresponding drop-in anchors, with wire suspensions capable of supporting up to 90kg.

Eye-Bolt Assembly :

This system consists of a wire swaged to a heavy duty eye-bolt, with a machine ferruled loop.

An Eye-Bolt assembly allows the Thread-it system to be easily attached to strut, utilising standardised Channel nuts & accessories.

This system provides a secure & smooth point of attachment for the wire suspension.


Connection method

This system allows the installer to loop through an existing hole in any available bracketry, or profile channel.

Installers must take care to ensure the holes have been sufficiently de-burred, to remove the chance for any abrasion to occur to the wire support. 

Installers are also advised to ensure that any holes drilled into bracketry do not compromise the

strength performance of the bracket, or positioned too close to any edges.

Suspension systems:

Zip-Clip have a range of heavy duty, key free release devices, allowing for quick installation, and adjustment of prefabricated modular solutions

Plus-on-Wire system :

Suitable for supporting 2D or 3D modular systems, with easy installation and adjustment and SWL of up to 100kg per wire Features & benefits:

● Allows the installation to be carried out from floorlevel

● Key free release, no tools required

● Easy to cut wire, no power tools required

● Speed of installation

● Device form is fully lockable into slotted channel

● Zamac 5 housing incorporating a sintered steel  wedge

● High Tensile galvanised wire, 1960N/mm² grade 7x7 construction

● BSEN 12385 Standard

Plus-on-Wire system : 

This system can also be installed as a stopper, by positioning the device through any available bracketry.

By keeping your excess wire attached, the system can be easily adjusted for future modifications or maintenance

Installation from floor level

The benefits of the system can be seen here, as the module is raised into it’s position using a forklift.

By simply retaining the wires at floor level, each suspension is fitted level and to the correct drop length 

Strut-Lock system :

The M10 Strut-Lock system is an ideal solution for suspending prefabricated modules.

Quick to install and adjust, the system has a SWL of 90kg per suspension 

The system can be installed at ground level. Lock off each suspension, once the module has been raised into the correct position 

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