Zip-Clip H-frame

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Zip-Clip H-frame.

The Zip-Clip H-Frame systems are designed to fit UNISTRUT channel and has a cross compatibility with all UNISTRUT type brackets.

A range of roofing supports designed for AHUs without penetrating the roof membrane.

The Applications

Suitable for:

Roof mounted services

Cable tray

Cable Basket

Safe working loads

Technical Information

No penetration of waterproof membrane

Anti vibration pads attached to feet

Easy to install and adapt

High Density Polyethylene

Each foot is made from a linear Polymer, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is prepared from euthylene by a catalytic process

The absence of branching results in a more closely packed structure with a higher chemical resistance than LDPE

HDPE is harder and more opaque and can withstand higher temperatures (120°C for short periods, 110°C continuously)

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