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The Unveiling Truth: Why Atkore Unistrut's Channel Support Systems Triumph Over Imported Alternatives.

In the dynamic landscape of the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) sector, change is not just on the horizon; it's adapting before our very eyes. The Golden Thread, weaving through the industry, is the commitment to building safety, and behind the scenes, a revolution is unfolding. As the Building Safety Act levels up standards, the procurement mindset is shifting towards prioritising safe, evidence-based support systems.

Major contractors are spearheading this change, emphasising standard workflows, early engagement notices, and proactive dialogues with manufacturers. The goal? To eradicate poor workmanship, standardise installations, and establish fully traceable, evidenced systems that empower manufacturers to take ownership of performance and warranties.

However, amidst this transformation, a new challenge emerges—the influx of imported channel support systems, often rebranded by distributors. The risks associated with this trend cannot be overstated. BS6946 mandates that the manufacturer's stamp, along with credentials meeting the set parameters, must be evident. This self-certification encompasses crucial aspects such as, channel dimensions and materials used.

Here lies the problem: distributors are increasingly using marketing tactics to present themselves as manufacturers, creating a hazardous scenario for channel installation support systems. The distinction between a true manufacturer and a distributor branding a rolling mill's product is critical.

When Atkore Unistrut produces channel systems, they exercise control over every step of the process. The commitment to quality is intrinsic, ensuring compliance with BS6946 standards. However, when a rolling mill brands channel for a distributor, the primary motive is profit—often at the cost of compromising quality to maintain a healthy margin.

The journey towards a secure support system begins right at the steel mill. Atkore Unistrut goes above and beyond by meticulously documenting material certifications, creating an unbroken trail of evidence that starts with the raw materials themselves. This commitment ensures that the entire production process, from the selection of steel to the final product, is traceable, auditable, and in strict accordance with industry standards. The golden thread of accountability is woven seamlessly from the steel mill to the end installation, providing stakeholders with the confidence that each element of the support system meets the required specifications.

On the other hand, distributors importing stamped bracketry or channel systems from rolling mills relinquish control over these essential aspects. They are not owners of the product, nor do they have the ability to influence or oversee the manufacturing process. The sourcing of materials, the quality checks, and the determination of load capabilities rest solely in the hands of the rolling mill. This lack of control raises significant concerns about the consistency and reliability of the end product.

Furthermore, in the event of a failure, distributors find themselves in a precarious position. Without control over the manufacturing process, they become reliant on the mill manufacturer for liability. In essence, they cannot independently vouch for the product's integrity or performance. This reliance introduces a potential gap in accountability, as distributors may find themselves grappling with the consequences of a failure without direct oversight or influence on the manufacturing qualities that could have prevented such incidents.


In choosing Atkore Unistrut-manufactured channel support systems, the industry gains not just a product but a partner committed to the highest standards of control, accountability, and reliability. The robustness of Atkore Unistrut's approach ensures that every step, from material selection to load capabilities, is meticulously managed, providing stakeholders with the confidence that safety is not compromised in the pursuit of profit.

As the M&E sector embarks on this transformative journey, choosing Atkore Unistrut becomes not just a preference but a prudent investment in building a safer and more resilient future.