Walraven Rooftop Solutions

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Walraven Rooftop Solutions

Your challenge, Walraven support - Rooftop Solutions

Today’s flat roofs support an ever-increasing amount of equipment and it is important that the rooftop supports are long-lasting and keep the roof membrane intact. Due to increasing complexity, you might not be able to solve rooftop-related challenges on your own and that’s where Walraven comes in. Walraven’s rooftop solutions offer time and cost savings as well as being versatile, durable and non-penetrative.

Walraven have experience designing and delivering a wide range of rooftop installations which has allowed us to develop knowledge and best practice in the areas of engineering, safety and business case development. What’s more, we offer technical advice and support from the design phase through to installation on site.

3 reasons for choosing Walraven:

◾ Versatile solutions. Our fully modular system makes it possible to deliver a whole range of solutions for flat and low-pitched roofs using time-efficient and cost-effective components.

◾ Long life expectancy. Our robust, lightweight and non-penetrative solutions avoid any structural damage to the roof and are suitable for corrosive environments (C1–C4 in accordance with ISO 12944-2).

◾ Technical expertise. Besides our solutions, we offer a comprehensive technical support service to guide you throughout the project

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If you would like to find out how we can help you with your rooftop installation challenges, please Click Here contact technical team for free support on technica@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777